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Economic and Political Crimes

Deputy G.W. Honeycutt

1Conspiracy _____Making a false statement under oath in an official proceeding
2forgery _____The unauthorized exercise of an official function by a public official with intent to benefit or injure another.
3identity fraud _____The purposeful misappropriation of property entrusted to one's care, custody, or control to which one is not entitled.
4white collar crimes _____Manufacture and use of false identification and credit cards based on personal information stolen without the victims knowledge.
5fraud _____Intentionally preventing a public servant from lawfully performing an official function.
6organized crime _____Crimes in which computers are used as the instrument of the offense.
7crimes of fraud  _____Danergous or unjust actions in the conduct of business prompted by the desire for profits.
8bribery _____Purposely obtaining property of another person trough deception.
9racketeering _____Voluntary giving or receiving anything of value with the intent of influencing the actions of a public official.
10crimes against public administration _____Falsely making or altering an official document with the intent to defraud.
11obstruction of justice _____Purposely obtaining property from another person without consent through wrongful use of force or fear or under the guise of official authority.
12money laundering _____Attempts to impede government processes through bribery, obstruction of justice, official misconduct, or perjury.
13official misconduct _____Agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime.
14crime syndicate _____A continuing criminal enterprise that rationally works to profit from illicit activities that are often in great public demand.
15regulatory offenses _____A system of loosely structured relationships among groups and individuals involved in organized crime.
16perjury _____Activities of a business or corporation that are viewed as attempts to circumvent regulations designed to ensure fairness and safety in the conduct of business.
17transnational crime _____Offenses designed to intimidate or coerce a government or civillians in furtherance of political or social objectives.
18embezzlement _____Embezzlement, extortion, forgery, and fraud
19corporate crimes _____A method of "wasing" illegally obtained money by making it appear as if the money were earned legally as part of a legitimate business.
20terrorism _____Crimes of fraud, crimes against public administration, and regulatory offenses that are usually carried out during the course of a legitimate occupation.
21extotion _____Offenses motivated by prejudice, usually against a particular race, religion, or sexual orientation.
22computer crime _____Offenses in which the planning and execution of the crime invilve more than one country.
23hate crimes _____An ongoing criminal enterprise that is maintained through a pattern of criminal activity.

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