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Basic Concepts of Distributed Database

Logically interrelated collection of shared data physically distributed over a network Horizontal Fragment
Manage distributed database Homogeneous
Single Logical db split into number of _______ Unfederated MDBS
Do not require data from other sites Distributed database
Do require data from other sites Derived Fragment
Centralized db that can be accessed over a network Distributed processing
A DBMS running across multiple processors and execute operations in parrallel Shared nothing
multiple processors within a single system share system memory-tightly coupled Fragmentation schema
Inherently centralized-loosely coupled Global Conceptual schema
each processor is a part of complex system-Massively Parallel Processing Local applications
All sites use the same DBMS product Allocation schema
Sites may run differenent products Multidatabase system
convert the language and model of different DBMS into Relational System Vertical Fragment
Each site maintains complete autonomy Global Applications
It is a cross between distributed DBMS and centralized DBMS Shared Memory
in this system there are no local users Heterogeneous
Logical description of whole database, as if it were not distributed Shared disk
Description of how the data is to be loically Partitioned Parallel DBMS
Description of where the data is to be located GSC(Global System Catalog)
Information specific to distributed nature of the system Distributed DBMS
Consist of a subset of the tuples of a relation Gateway
Consist of a subset of the attributes of a relation Transparency
Vertical fragment that is then horizontally fragmented Transaction transparency
A horizontal fragment that is base on the horizontal fragmentation of parent relation Federated MDBS
Hides implementation details from user Distribution transparency
Allows the user to perceive the db as a single, logical entity Fragments
Ensure that all distributed transactions maintain the DDB integrity and consistency Mixed/Hybrid Fragment

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