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Music Appreciation Review Chapters 10-17

Mrs. McGuire

Reviewing terms from Chapters 10-17 of our textbook.

cadence rules of diplomatic or state etiquette
lyrics hymn tune
metaphor sung conversation between characters to help advance the story line
prosody style of opera featuring lofty heroic themes from history and mythology
symbolism spoken lines of a play or show
aboriginal the use of one idea to represent or stand for another
chorale stage plays with songs and dance interspersed
chorale prelude an accompaniment consisting of harpsichord and viola da gamba
conjunct Rhythmic, fast-paced music used by groups of devout Muslims called Sufis
disjunct songs for a solo singer and orchestra
harmonics a series of clicks that allow the conductor to synchronize the orchestra's playing to the film
kritis to suggest actions or events before they happen
mass a melody formed by intervals larger than a second
overtones to determine which scenes of a film should have music
qawwali a Balinese sacred instrumental ensemble
compound meter liturgy
heterophony compositional method in which 2 voice parts sing the same melody, only one is higher
lakalaka compositions that served as introductions to the singing by the congregation
national anthem a melody formed by successive pitches of the scale
protocols feeling of sympathetic pity or compassion for a character
dirge a perforated strip along the film's edge containing coded representation of sound
drone polyphonic choral compositions based on sacred text
gamelan gambang music portrays the meaning of the words of the text
opus layered dynamic levels within a composition
arias the series of faint tones generated by a fundamental tone
libretto musical qualities of language
opera the national dance of Tonga
opera buffa breathing break
pathos comic opera
recitative verbal messages set to music
verismo dramatic stage form that combines acting and singing
opera seria music with no strict meter or accompaniment sung by a single voice or unison choir
Broadway musical a rebirth or revival of human creativity
dialogue the text of an opera
monologue a slow, mournful hymn or lament
motive markings over or under the text to signal pitch changes
operettas a short musical idea that is easily remembered and helps unify a composition
repertoire a style of Italian opera with realistic portrayals of life
vaudeville a song of praise or devotion to one's country
character themes a series of tones generated by the fundamental tone
click-track melodies associated with a particular character
cue a method of assigning a syllabic name to each tone of the scale
dubbing a staged drama that is primarily sung
foreshadow the specific music for a particular scene in a film
scoring a term designating a musical work or set of works
soundtrack written notation
spot composing music expressly for film
continuo Hindu religious songs that are sung in praise of a particular god or gods
motets the original or first people to inhabit a place
neumes a division of the pulse into groupings of 3 segments
parallel organum a musical texture that occurs when melodic variants of the same tune are performed simultaneously
plainsong a continuous note of fixed pitch serving as permanent bass
Renaissance dramatic speech or song delivered by one character in a play
score putting all the elements of sound onto one soundtrack
solmization an early staged variety show that included songs, dances, and comedy skits
terraced dynamics a figure of speech in which one word or phrase is used to substitute for or designate another
word painting an inventory of compositions mastered and performed by a musician

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