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Japanese that is now English

C. Tomita

This is a companion to the word search "Japanese English Words"

Anime It is raw fish.
Futon It is singing without an orchestra.
Ramen It is a very fast Japanese train.
Sushi It is a Japanese soldier.
Tokyo It is a huge tidal wave.
Haiku It is used when we sleep.
Katana It is a cartoon made in Japan and watched around the world.
Pokemon It is a comic book that is made in Japan.
Sake It is a Japanese sword.
Tsunami It is a noodle soup from China
Osaka It is a lunch box.
Gyoza It is the Japanese art of paper folding.
Bento It is a big city in the Kansai region.
Hancho It is a steamed or fried dumpling from China
Kimono It is a Japanese spy and assassin.
Ninja It is a storm with strong rain and wind.
Samurai It is raw fish on top of rice.
Typhoon It is a wine made from rice.
Yakitori It is a popular anime starring Pikachu.
Daikon It is a traditional Japanese clothing.
Karaoke It is a Japanese pancake.
Manga It is a Japanese martial art using wooden swords and helmets.
Origami It is a large, white Japanese vegetable.
Sashimi It is a green and very spicy vegetable.
Wasabi It is a place to study martial arts.
Shinkansen It is a kind of poetry made in Japan.
Okonomiyaki It is a leader of a group.
Dojo It is a Japanese martial art using hands and feet.
Karate It is a big city in the Kanto region.
Kendo It is barbequed chicken on a stick.

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