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Lesson 46

Thanousone Arounlangsy

al Qaeda Coordinate the domestic national-security efforts of various federal agencies
Department of Homeland Security Terrorist attack on the United States
Taliban Number of deaths in the bombings of Kenya and Tanzana
preemptive strike International terrorist network
September 11, 2001 Number of deaths for a bomb that destroyed an American passenger plane flying over Scotland
1988 Attacking before having evidence as a security measure
World Trade Center First hijacked plane hit this
200 Blamed for giving misleading information about nuclear weapons in Iraq
270 Second hijacked plane hit this
box-cutters Year of bombing attacks on the United States embassies in Kenya and Tanzania
North tower of the World Trade Center Captured in December 2003 by the U.S. military
South tower of the World Trade Center Third hijacked plane hit this
Pentagon Fundamentalist Muslim group
CIA Weapon used by terrorists to threaten pilots and crew aboard plane
Saddam Hussein A gargantuan office, retail, and transportation complex in NYC's financial district

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