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Municipal Solid Waste


Disposal and Recovery

1decomposition which occurs in the presence of oxygen _____hazardous
2cut down the amount of waste created _____aerobic
3a recyclable metal _____glass
4a recyclable material _____newspaper
5a transparent recyclable material _____soil
6to use a product again without remanufacturing _____waste stream
7dry waste _____plastic
8everything that surrounds us _____landfill
9a microscopic living thing _____open
10a way to dispose of waste by burying it in a carefully prepared area of land _____trash
11a recyclable paper _____environment
12a mixture of decomposing organic matter used to improve the soil _____microorganism
13the flow of trash: from the source to its final end use or disposal _____paper
14term for collecting recyclables in front of homes _____ever
15single-celled organisms _____reuse
16a material that is recycled in some places _____reduce
17waste that is harmful is _____curbside
18how long some waste lasts, for _____steel
19to process waste material for manufacturing use _____recycle
20a group of recyclable materials including steel and aluminum _____compost
21unsafe method of disposal,_______ dump _____metal
22upper layer of earth _____bacteria

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