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Integumentary System


Medical Terminology

Cut/o; Cutane/o Sweat
Derm/o; Dermat/o Sebum
Melan/o superficial discoloration caused by blood in the tissue; a bruise
Myc/o within
Onych/o Hair
Pil/o redness of the skin such as blushing or mild sunburn
Seb/o a common thickening of the epidermis at the site of external friction or pressure
Sud/o; Sudor/o a congenital hereditary condition; characterized by lack of skin pigmentation
Xer/o scraping away of the skin; a scrape
hypo- inflammation of the skin; contact dermatitis, caused by contact with irritant
intra- surgical repair
para- injury characterized by pain, swelling, and discoloration of the skin without a break in the skin; a bruise
per- inflammatory disease of sebaceous glands and hair follicles
-ectomy bluish discoloration of the skin; may be symptom of lack of oxygen in the blood
-malacia excessive excretion of sweat due to increased body temp, physical activity, heat exposure, and mental or emotional stress
-oma eating
-phagia cutting instrument
-plasty Fungus
-(r)rhea partial or complete loss of hair; baldness
-tome redness and swelling of epidermisas in a sunburn
abrasion excision; surgical removal
acne; acne vulgaris Dry
albinism involves epidermis and full dermis, may include subcutaneous and muscle tissue, appears charred, wet or dry, sunken, with a dry crust
alopecia Skin
burns flow; excessive discharge
1st degree/superficial burn skin and subcutaneous injury caused by flame, heat, chemicals, gas, radiation, or electricity
2nd degree/partial-thickness burn an inflammed hair follicle; a boil
3rd degree/full-thickness burn Black
callus below; beneath
carbuncle abnormal swelling of tissue
cellulitis around; beside
contusion tumor; swelling
cyanosis skin infection characterized by a cluster of boils
dermatitis cracklike sore or groove in the skin
diaphoresis through
eccymosis acute infection of skin and subcutaneous tissue characterized by heat, redness, pain, and swelling
eczema softening
edema inflammatory skin disorder characterized by redness, ithching, vesicles, weeping, oozing, and crusting
erythema blistering, pink to red color, sensitive and painful, involves epidermis and upper layers of dermis as in quick contact with hot object
fissure Nail
furuncle Skin

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