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Basic IT with Numeracy Word Match

Mary Griffiths

Consolidation exercise to help with IT terms and concepts

Desktop World Wide Web
Title Bar Internet Browser - an application enabling access to the internet
Start Button A free (very basic) wordprocessing programme
Broadband Search engine provided by Microsoft
Google email accessed via the internet
Chrome At the bottom of the screen - left click to find programmes
Bing A previous operating system
Microsoft Windows Originally (and still) a search engine but now much more
attachment The first screen that appears when you turn on your computer and everything has loaded
Webmail The latest Microsoft suite of programmes
www Universal Resource Locator (Address Bar)
URL Main form of internet connection
Internet Explorer Microsoft spreadsheet enabling you to work with figures and calculations
link Universal Serial Bus - a connection for many devices eg Memory Sticks, Cameras, Printers etc.
USB The bar at the top of Microsoft applications (Word, Excel etc) with information about the application and name of document/workbook
F12 An online encylopedia created and managed by the general public
Paint A drawing application
Wordpad A way of sending documents with emails
Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcut - a way to save documents by pressing this key
Windows XP A social networking site where you can interact with other users
Vista A previous operating system
Word 2007 An online diary similar to having a personal website (Web log)
Office 2010 The latest Microsoft operating system
Excel 2007 Move from page to page via these on the internet - available to click on whenever a hand appears on the screen
Wikipedia Operating System headed by Bill Gates
Facebook The word processing application within the Office 2007 suite of programmes
Blog A social networking site which limits size of entries (ideal for quick thoughts on the go - for example via internet enabled mobile phone
Twitter Internet Browser provided by Google

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