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Common Birds of Gauteng

Julie Manne

Learning Unit 2

1Hadeda Ibis _____Predominantly grey, no black collar. Very common
2Grey Lourie _____Large black eagle with distinctive white patches on their wings
3Cape sparrow _____Have beautiful calls and are grey-brown birds
4House Sparrow _____Common in cities around the world, first introduced from the Netherlands
5Southern Masked Weaver _____Common bird found on lawns with a distinctive up and down movement of their tails
6Long Tailed Widowbird _____During summer the males are pitch black with long tails and short wings
7Lark Species _____Eat fruits in gardens and make the "kwe" sound
8Dark capped bulbul _____Relatively large chicken size bird with long slender and slightly curved beak. Often found on lawns
9Laughing doves _____A common bird associated with humans
10Cape turtle doves _____Common bird found in gardens. In summer is bright yellow with a black mask on his face
11Feral Pigeon _____Small greyish blue kite that hovers over grasslands and looks for lizards and mice
12Egyptian Goose _____Invasive species introduced from India. reddish-brown to black in colour with distinctive white patches on the wings and yellow bill and skin around the eyes.
13Indian Myna _____Have a distinctive twitter. Small black feathered crest on their heads and a bright yeallow patch below their tails
14Cape wagtail _____Black with 2 distinctive red caps on his forehead and a large white patch above its bill
15Common Fiscal (Shrike) _____Has a distinctive "kuk-koorr-ru" call and has a black collar
16Verreaux's Black Eagle _____A noisy bird which can often be seen on lakes and pans or close to any water
17Black Shouldered Kite _____Chicken sized ground birds which are grey in colour with white spots all over body
18red knobbed koot _____Have pink legs and a distinctive black cap and white ring around their heads
19Helmeted guineefowl _____A common bird which has a "C" on its head
20Crowned Lapwing (Clover) _____Distinctive black cape and white belly. Has afrikaans name of hangman

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