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using the list below find the description that goes along with the words

1Cracked Wheat  _____mealy texture successful baking requires
2Short grain rice  _____finest long grained rice in the world
3Russet  _____grains remain firm, fluffy and separate when cooked
4Arborio rice  _____native to the new world
5Yams _____ flesh changes from creamy white to deep red
6Oats _____cooked by long gentle simmering
7Red Potatoes _____quite tender and sticky when cooked
8Wild Rice  _____the seed of an unrelated reed like aquatic plant
9Sweet Potatoes  _____only grain that can be eaten as a fresh vegetable
10Brown Rice  _____different botanical family than ordinary potatoes
11Long grain rice  _____best potatoes for frying
12Potatoes _____are consumed daily as a hot breakfast cereal
13Basmati Rice  _____rice absorbs more water and takes longer to cook
14Barley _____Parboiled to remove the surface starch
15Converted rice  _____is very sticky, with a white color and mild flavour
16Corn _____can be used to thinken soups or stews.

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