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Benjamin Franklin


When Benjamin was a child he served as a diplomat to France.
To help him decide on a career his Ben was apprenticed to his brother a printer.
When he was twelve years old and signed them using the fictitious name "Silence Dogood".
Ben was educated though he and started the first library in America.
He wrote letters to the newspaper to create the "Dead Letter Office".
When he ran away to Philadelphia he helped his father make soap and candles.
He was the publisher of  "Poor Richard's Almanack".
A saying attributed to him is  "A penny saved is a penny earned".
He organized the Junto club he started his own printing business.
One of his acts as postmaster was only had two years of formal schooling.
In order for more people to benefit, he  refused to patent the Franklin stove.
For ten years father took him to observe men at work.

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