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Biodiversity Definitions

Mrs McMillan

Match the word with its definition. Put the number of the word beside the correct definition

1kingdoms _____different
2species _____individual form of life, such as a plant, animal, bacterium, protist of fungus.
3classification _____to catagorize into groups using similar characteristics
4vertebrates _____animals that have a backbone
5organism _____eats meat
6carnivores _____the action or process of adapting or being adaptated
7herbivores _____the organization of things that have something in common into groups
8omnivores _____members of the cold-blooded animals whose bodies are covered with scales and plates
9adaptation _____contain green substance called chlorophyll and they manke their own food
10diverse _____each genus is divided into smaller groups called_____
11characteristics _____a distinguishing quality
12organize _____single celled organisms that have a nucleus: example amoeba
13moneran _____eats plants and animals
14plants _____animals without a backbone, they have an exoskeleton
15fungus _____single celled organism that do not have a nucleus: example bacteria
16protist _____mushrooms:members of the _____ kingdom
17amphibians _____eats plants
18reptiles _____animals that live both on land and in water
19invertibrates _____categories of the natural world

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