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Terminolgy Chapter 1 & 2


Key Terms from the student manual--Medical Coding Specialist's Exam Review.

1AAPC _____Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services
2AHIMA _____Acting in accordance with rules and regulations of billing agencies
3CCA _____Resource Base Relative Value Scale
4CCS-P _____Purposeful intent to gain funds in an illegal manner
5CPC _____Certified coding specialist-Physican issued by AHIMA
6CPC-H _____Certified professional coder issued by AAPC
7CMS _____Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
8CPT _____Current Procedural Terminology by AMA
9HCPCS _____Failure to perform fair and reasonable billing practices
10ICD-9 _____American Health Information Management Association
11CCI _____International Classification of Dz, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification
12Abuse _____Uniform Hospital Discharge Data Set
13Compliance  _____Cerified coding associate as issued through AHIMA
14Fraud _____Certified professional coder-Hospital
15HIPAA _____Correct Coding Initiative
16RBRVS _____American Academy of Professional Coders
17UHDDS _____Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System

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