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Terminolgy Chapter 3, 4, & 5


Key Terms from Exam Review

1Assumptions _____Continuing education units
2Application  _____Must learn to do well
3Fear of failure _____Must have this at the time of the test.
4Positive thinking _____Something not done. This is deadly on the national exams.
5Educated guesses _____Type of questions that comprise the entire AAPC exam
6ID _____Success feeds off of positive thinking
7Multiple choise _____The form (when properly completed and submitted) ensures your chance to take the national exac.
8Process of elimination _____Not in our definitions
9Ticket _____Allows you admission to the test.
10Appeals _____A commitment to pursuing your best by updating your skills and knowledge.
11CEU's _____Publication of the American Association of Professional Coders that is sent to their members.
12Certification _____Very useful in eliminating answers by determining what are wrong codes and then eliminating them.
13Coding Edge _____The process of taking the national test by which a coder can earn their national certification.
14Lifelong education _____This is a process by which problems during the testing can be rectified.

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