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Terminology Chapter 6 & 7


Key Terms

1Alphabetical index _____The characters that compose the ICD-9 codes.
2Digits _____Index contained within the ICD-9 coding book that lists diagnoses and conditions
3E Codes  _____A wide variety of services offered to the patient that have occurred as a consequence of surgery
4Hypertension table _____A listing of the actual codes in numerical order with a variety of notations to assist with correct coding.
5ICD-9-CM _____This table contains four-digit poisoning codes in addition to external causes for the use/abuse of drugs and chemicals
6Morphology Codes _____This table is contained within the alphabetical indes that provides classification for hypertension
7Neoplasm Table _____These codes list the "external causes" of patients conditions, diagnoses and symptoms.
8Surgical complications _____The joining of ICD-9 codes with CPT/HCPCS codes through reference to demonstrate medical necessity for the services.
9Table of Drugs & Chemicals _____This is contained within the alphabetical index that provides classification of neoplasms
10Bundling _____The containment of all associated services, supplies, and materials within one main code
11CPT _____International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification.
12Guidelines _____These codes are used to classify neoplasms for statistical purposes-maintained by Cancer Registries.
13Linkage _____Information and notes located at the beginning of each section in the CPT book.
14Modifiers _____Current procedural terminology
15Tabular Index _____Two-digit alphanumerical codes that follow the CPT code and are separated from it with a hyphen.

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