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Cyrus McCormick


Cyrus McCormick grew up to reach his financial goal.
His goal was to to bake 10 billion loeaves of bread.
It took him twenty-six years the International Harvester Company.
Before his invention on a farm in Virginia.
In the old days they harvested grain using a scythe.
McCormick invented the reaper farmers could harvest 1-3 acres a day.
With McCormick's invention farmers could it rained, but his reaper worked.
When he asked farmers to view his invention they thought it was just entertainment.
On the day of a harvesting contest  earn a million dollars.
By 1850 McCormick was selling 5,000 reapers a year.
McCormick's company became harvest an acre in an hour.
His invention harvested enough grain in a year when he was twenty-two years old.

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