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Learning Unit 4

Julie Manne

The basic principles of Ethics

1Hypocrisy _____To express in precise form, state definitely or systematically
2Contemporary _____The surrender or destruction of something prized
3Fundamental _____Composed or consisting of two people, items, oarts etc
4Justifiable _____Constituting or making a difference, distinctive/ an act or manner of treating
5Differential treatment _____Adherence to moral and ethical principles
6Overidden _____Existing, occuring, or living at the same time, belonging to the same time
7Integrity _____Serving as, or being an essential part of, a foundation or basis
8Formulate _____To prevail or have dominance over, have final authority or say over
9Ediface _____Having scruples, having or showing a strict regard for what one considers right, principled
10Sacrifice _____Pretence of having a virtuous character, moral or religioujs beliefs or principles
11Dual _____An elaborate conceptual structure
12Scrupulous _____Capable of being justified, that can be shown to be or can be defended as being just, right or warranted

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