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Meriwether Lewis


Meriwether Lewis's father  a 2,000 acre plantation.
When he was a boy, Meriwether of all the Louisiana Territory.
His father willed to him fought in the Revolutionary War.
His friend and neighbor enjoyed hunting and exploring the woods.
When Jefferson became President of the United States trinkets, bead, and mirrors as gifts for the Indians.
Jefferson asked Congress for  gave Meriwether 1500 acres of land.
Will Clark was chosen took a year and a half to reach the Pacific Ocean.
The expedition leaders took  was Sacagawea.
The Indian maiden who accompanied them to accompany Lewis on the expedition.
The members of the expedition  $2500 to fund a westward exploration project.
As a reward for his leadership, the government was Thomas Jefferson.
Lewis was made governor  Lewis became his personal secretary.

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