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Daniel Boone


Daniel's family belonged to through the Cumberland Gap.
The Boone children once deliberately exposed themselves to smallpox.
Daniel's mother  using Conestoga wagons.
When they grew up, the Boone children the name Shel-Tow-Y or "The Big Turtle".
The family traveled by married outside the Quaker faith.
During the French and Indian War  Boone drove an army supply wagon.
They crossed the Appalachian Mountains taught him to read, spell, and write.
Boone and twenty-eight men made a religious group called the Quakers.
While Daniel searched for new hunting grounds crossed the Appalachian Mountains.
In 1767 Daniel and his oldest son Rebecca cared for the large family.
The Indians didn't want the settlers  a road from Virginia to Kentucky.
Black Fish gave Daniel Boone to intrude on their hunting grounds.

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