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Chapter 17 Oral Pathology

Amy Applegate

1. _____ historical diagnosis u. lesions that usually occur on the lip
2. _____ clinical diagnosis ll. to spread disease from one part of the body to another
3. _____ radiographic diagnosis hh. technical term for bruising
4. _____ microscopic diagnosis mm. potent central nervous system stimulant
5. _____ laboratory diagnosis h. when two or more possible causes of a condition are indentified, the dentist will determine which tests or procedures should be done to rule out the incorrect cause and make a final diagnosis
6. _____ therapeutic diagnosis i. occurs if injury to the tissue is minimal and short-lasting and the tissue begins to repair quickly
7. _____ surgical diagnosis a. personal history, family history, medical and dental histories, and history of the lesion
8. _____ differential diagnosis d. used to make a definitive or final diagnosis
9. _____ acute inflammation tt. incomplete calcification or hardening of the enamel
10. _____ chronic inflammation l. benign, chronic disease that affects the skin and oral mucosa
11. _____leukoplakia b. based on the clinical appearance of the lesion, including the color, size, shape, and location
12. _____ lichen planus ss. hereditary abnormality characterized by defects in the formation of enamel
13. _____ candidiasis uu. a shallow injury of the soft tissue caused by mechanical trauma
14. _____ aphthous ulcer r. the top of the tongue appears to have deep grooves that become irritated if food debris collects in them
15. _____ cellulitis g. diagnosis is made on the basis of findings from a surgical procedure
16. _____ leukemia oo. abnormal growth of bone in a specific area
17. _____ geographic tongue nn. study of disease
18. _____ fissured tongue w. warts that appear spiky, common finding in patients with early HIV infection
19. _____hairy leukoplakia jj. granular tumor or growth
20. _____ Kaposi's sarcoma n. also known as "canker sores"
21. _____ herpes simplex c. provides information about periapical pathology using x-rays
22. _____ herpes zoster y. abnormally small jaws
23. _____ human papillomavirus f. diagnosis is made by providing a treatment and seeing how the condition responds
24. _____ macrognathia ii. small, pinpoint red spot on te skin or mucous membrane
25. _____ micrognathia pp. dryness of the mouth caused by a reduction in saliva
26. _____ abrasion ee. removal of tissue from living patients for diagnostic examination
27. _____ attrition kk. malignant disorder of the lymphoid tissue
28. _____ bruxism ff. malignant tumor in epithelial tissue
29. _____ ankyloglossia bb. an oral habit that is characterized by involuntary gnashing, grinding, and clenching of the teeth
30. _____ abscess e. can provide information that leads to a diagnosis by using blood chemistries, urinalysis, and other lab tests
31. _____ biopsy m. superficial infection caused by a yeastlike fungus
32. _____ carcinoma j. occurs when injury or irritation to the tissue continues
33. _____cyst t. lesions may appear as multiple bluish, blackish, or reddish blotches
34. _____ ecchymosis gg. closed cell or pouch with a definite wall
35. _____ petechiae cc. also known as tongue-tie, results in a short lingual frenum that extends to the apex of the tongue
36. _____ granuloma x. abnormally large jaws
37. _____ lymphoma qq. congenital absence of teeth
38. _____ metastasize dd. localized area of pus originating from an infection
39. _____ methamphetamine q. the surface of the tongue loses areas of the filiform papillae in irregularly shaped patterns the resemble a map
40. _____ pathology aa. the normal wearing away of tooth structure during chewing
41. _____ tori z. abnormal wearing away of tooth structure
42. _____ xerostomia p. a progressive disease in which the bone marrow produces an increased number of immature or abnormal white cells
43. _____ anodontia s. a white plaque that is usually found on one side or sometimes both sides on the lateral borders of the tongue
44. _____ dens in dente k. formation of white spots or patches on the oral mucosa
45. _____ amelogenesis imperfecta rr. "a tooth within a tooth"
46. _____ hypocalcification v. a latent herpes virus,also known as shingles
47. _____ erosion o. inflammation of cellular or connective tissue

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