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Amelia Earhart


When she was young Amelia was called  their grandparents for nearly a year.
Amelia's plane was lost built a roller coaster from the top of a shed.
Amelia and her sister and friend for young women of her time.
Their mother encouraged became Amelia's husband.
The Earhart children lived with when she was trying to cross the Pacific.
One Christmas her dad by flying as high as 14,000 feet.
Amelia dropped out of college from Neta Snook.
She first took flying lessons gave the children a .22-caliber rifle.
She set a new altitude record for women "Meelie" by her family.
Amelia's car was  to become a nurse and help wounded soldiers.
George Palmer Putnam called the "Yellow Peril".
Amelia was a role model her girls in tomboyish activities.

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