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Elizabeth Keckley


Elizabeth Keckley was born her father was Colonel Burwell.
According to historical writings which is a dressmaker.
When she was four years old and told her about her debts.
At age seventeen she began sewing a slave in Virginia.
She was such a good seamstress had to sell her beautiful dresses.
The price of freedom for herself and her boy she was told she was a "maid" for the baby.
In Washington D.C. she became a modiste, for the rich ladies in St. Louis.
She made many dresses for was $1200.
Mrs. Lincoln confided in Elizabeth was poor and destitute.
To pay her debts Mrs. Lincoln she supported seventeen people in her family.
When Elizabeth wrote a book, Mary Todd Lincoln, the president's wife.
At the end of her life Elizabeth Keckley the Lincoln family became angry.

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