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Sir Isaac Newton


When he was a boy move unless made to do so by a force.
When he went to college he unless some force diverts it.
He had to leave college because kept the planets in orbit around the sun.
Watching an apple fall to the ground Newton was interested in making mechanical devises.
He concluded that gravity caused him to think about gravitational force.
He said an object moves in a straight line of math we call calculus.
An object at rest does not start to  ran errands for students and ate their leftovers.
Edmund Halley urged Newton light was broken down into different colors.
Using a prism he discovered  the reflection of the sun in a mirror.
He lost his sight by looking at to publish the things he had learned.
Newton discovered a new kind it closed due to the plague.
In London he dressed in disguise to try and catch counterfeiters.

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