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Louis Pasteur


Louis Pasteur's father against the animal disease called anthrax.
The child Louis showed an  early talent for art.
By the time he was twenty-six years old a single thread 1000-3000 feet long.
His study of fermentation led to to prevent rabies after he was bitten by a dog.
To pasteurize milk you do not he had earned a doctorate and was a professor.
Heating of milk kills bacteria that can cause disease.
His study of bacteriology  heat it to the boiling point.
People in France raised silk worms had been a soldier in Napoleon's army.
Pasteur developed a vaccine the process of pasteurization of milk.
He developed vaccines for people against and fed them mulberry leaves.
Pasteur vaccinated the young boy Joseph Meister led to his Germ Theory of Disease.
A silkworm cocoon is composed of cholera, diphtheria, tuberculosis, and smallpox.

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