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Lise Meitner


Lise's father Philipp nuclear fission
Lise was first excluded from attending college all the credit for the joint discovery.
Though she was Jewish, Lise was not allowed to use the same lab as men.
The Matura was because she was Jewish and a woman.
In college she finished an eight year study with Otto Hahn.
At the University of Berlin she hired tutors to teach his children.
While in Berlin she worked  converted to Protestantism.
Lise and Otto Hahn discovered in two years.
Otto Hahn took a radioactive element and named it protactinium.
After 30 years in Berlin Lise "our German Madame Curie.
She named the process she was working on had to flee to Sweden for safety.
Albert Einstein called Lise Meitner the name of a college entrance exam.

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