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Benjamin Banneker


Benjamin's grandmother was saved from death for a couple of years at a Quaker school.
His grandmother was an  Banneker was able to make a clock out of wood.
His father registered his farm was a used Bible.
Banneker attended school  indentured servant in Maryland.
After studying a pocket watch after borrowing a telescope from a friend.
The first book Banneker bought because she was able to read.
Benjamin inherited from his grandfather aid farmers in their planting and harvesting.
He became interested in astronomy the position of the sun, moon, and planets.
Banneker wrote an almanac to  by a fire on the day he was buried.
An ephemeris is a chart showing a large estate in Ireland.
He appealed to Thomas Jefferson in his name and also in Benjamin's name.
His wooden clock was destroyed for equal treatment for African-Americans.

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