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Let's Learn Russian! part 1


Today we're going to learn some Russian phrases. Below are some common phrases spelled in a Western Alphabet and spelled phoentically. Can you match the Russian phrase with the English phrase? Good luck!

1SPASIBO spa-see-ba _____Good morning
2POZHALUISTA pa-zhal-sta  _____Thank you
3ZDRAVSTVUITE zdra-stvooy-tye _____My name is.....
4DA da _____Please and You're welcome
5NET nyet _____Yes
6KAK VAS ZAVOUT kak vas za-voot  _____What is your name?
7MENYA ZOVOUT.... min-ya za-voot.... _____No
8OCHEN PRIYATNO och-en pree-yat-na  _____Goodbye
9DO SVIDANIYA da-svee-da-nee-ye _____I don't speak Russian
10DOBROE UTRO do-bra-ye oo-tra _____Pleased to meet you
12YA NE GOVORYU PO RUSSKOMU _____Do you speak English?

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