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Mary McLeod Bethune


Mary McLeod's slave parents free-born child of the McLeod's seventeen children.
Mary's brothers and sisters a missionary in Africa.
Mary was the first Bethune also opened a hospital.
In addition to starting a school were sold when they became old enough to work.
When Mary began to learn numbers she  were owned by different masters.
She was able to go to school at Concord a house for her aging parents.
Her goal was to become because she was awarded a scholarship.
When she was teaching she bought her maiden name to honor her father.
When she married she kept  realized her father was being cheated on his crops.
In a dream she saw Booker T. Washington helped Bethune to build and support a school.
The second year after she started a school handing her a huge diamond.
Several wealthy people she had 100 girls attending.

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