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Janice Joyner

safari factor in an experiment that is changed and can be measured
pulchritudinous region surrounded by higher land
itinerary number that occurs most often
median typical of a particular person,place,or thing
range estimate that somehting will happen
variable journey
model take (a short extract) from a text
Cornell Notes arrange in order of importance
character adjacent to, border
Continental Divide divides the flow of American Rivers from East to West
idiosyncrasy represents something that cannot be observed directly because of size,time,expense,or speed
analogy the state of being strikingly differnet from someone else
mean a system of taking notes involving questions,key words,abbreviations,and summary
mode comparison
hypothesis pretty
science middle number
prioritize smallest subtracted from largest
plot process used to investigate what is around us to solve problems and answer questions
contiguous schedule
basin sequence of related events that make up the story
predict average
excerpt point out the resemblences to;
compare the person,animal,or imanginary creature that takes part in the action of a story
contrast personal habit or mannerism
characteristic prediction or statement that can be tested

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