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Martin Luther King Jr.


Martin Luther King was born in a time when black people did not have the same rights as others.
He started to school when thirty times for his resistance.
Miss Lemon, his teacher  he began to study the teachings of Gandhi.
Each day the children in his class sang refused to give up her seat on a bus.
He graduated from college when "Lift Every Voice and Sing".
While at Crozer Theological Seminary he was only nineteen years old.
Mahatma Gandhi advocated lasted for more than a year.
In 1955 Rosa Parks taught him to take pride in his heritage.
The bus boycott he was five years old.
In December 1956 the Supreme Court ruled that bus segregation was unlawful.
When blacks were refused  service at lunch counters they staged "sit-ins".
Dr. King was put in jail  passive resistance and peaceful protests.

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