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Rosa Parks


Rosa Parks grew up separated the black and white sections.
As a child Rosa lived in fear because her character was above reproach.
Rosa and her husband Raymond many honors for her courageous stand.
Rosa, as a seamstress, on her grandparents' farm
During the days when Rosa rode the bus in the rotunda at the United States Capitol.
On the bus a movable sign blacks refused to ride segregated buses.
When the bus driver asked Rosa  because of prejudice against people of her race.
Civil rights leaders made her a test case sat at a sewing machine all day.
In the bus boycott black people had to sit at the back of the bus.
Martin Luther King rose  as a leader during this time in history.
Rosa Parks was awarded were active in the NAACP.
When she died, her casket was placed to give up her seat she refused.

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