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Sojourner Truth


Sojourner Truth was the because they had been sold.
The slaves slept on  changed her name to Sojourner.
Sojourner didn't know many of her siblings in the home of Quaker friends.
Her mother taught her boards covered with straw.
Her master promised her freedom, she went to court to get him back.
Isabella slept in a bed for the first time was named in her honor.
When her 5 year old son was sold daughter of slaves in the state of New York.
Her father Bomefree was eventually but he went back on his word.
Isabella's special place to pray  was a little island in the middle of a stream.
When she left New York she deserted and died alone in a shanty.
She gave a famous speech about God and to be good and honest.
The Mars probe Sojourner called "Ain't I a Woman?".

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