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Frederick Douglass


Frederick Douglass only saw helped to form two black regiments.
Slave children had to go without clothing friends raised money to purchase his freedom.
The slave master put tar on the fence was similar to the feeding of pigs.
The feeding of the slave children if their shirts wore out before allowance time.
Mrs. Auld in Baltimore  to teach other slaves to read and write.
Frederick bribed the poor white boys  copied letters from Webster's Spelling Book.
As a slave Douglass felt like to keep the slaves out of the garden.
To learn how to write he with bread to teach him to read.
Mr. Covey was cruel to him until one day he fought back.
Douglass started a Sabbath school his mother four or five times in his life.
After spending two years in Great Britain a man in a pit with no ladder to get out.
During the Civil War Douglass taught Frederick his ABCs.

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