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James Forten


When James Forten was 14 years old  because he had saved people from drowning.
The son of a ship's captain to educate his children.
While on a British prison ship but educated himself by reading.
James only had two years of schooling saved Forten from being captured and enslaved.
After the war was over, Forten sought to relocate free blacks to Liberia in Africa.
When he returned to Philadelphia he to help other people.
He once received a plaque he befriended and helped free Daniel Brewton.
He invented a new kind of sail and became worked for a year in a London shipyard.
He used his money urged blacks to remain in America and claim their rights.
The American Colonization Society eventually bought a business, making sails for ships.
His "Letters From a Man of Colour"  he served in the Continental Army as a powder boy.
He hired tutors  one of the wealthiest African-Americans of his time.

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