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William Wilberforce


William Wilberforce was born made the shipment of slaves unlawful.
When he was nine years old he in Hull, England.
John Newton was a former embraced a life of partying.
Newton would conduct to devote his life to Christ and the cause of abolition.
William's mother was alarmed by slave ship captain.
While he was in college William went to live with his aunt and uncle.
His grandfather and his cousin the evangelical Methodist teaching her son received.
When he was twenty-one years old William thousands of slaves were rescued from ships.
During a tour of Europe he was convinced interested William in Parliament.
He determined that he would use his public office was elected to Parliament.
The Slave Trade Act in 1807 "parlor preaching" in his home for his friends.
After the passage of the Slave Trade Act to bring about the freeing of the slaves.

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