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Laura Ingalls Wilder


Laura Ingalls was born in Laura would describe things to her.
When she was seven, the family decided to write down her childhood memories.
One summer Laura's Pa walked wanted to adopt Laura, but Ma said ,"No".
Mrs. Starr, a rich neighbor 200 miles to find a job.
When her sister Mary became blind she was thirteen years old.
Laura began to teach when the Big Woods in Wisconsin.
Laura married Almanzo Wilder Rocky Ridge Farm.
Their baby Rose had to stay with her parents who was ten years older.
Laura named their farm  received nearly a thousand cards, letters, and telegrams.
After her mother died, Laura the Little House series of children's books.
Her writings became moved to Minnesota to the Walnut Grove area.
On her 84th birthday Laura Ingalls Wilder when Laura and Almanzo became ill with diphtheria.

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