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Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)


On the night Samuel Clemens was born the fictitious name "Mark Twain".
Samuel grew up in Hannibal, was based on his friend Tom.
His fictional character Huckleberry Finn becoming a steamboat captain.
When he was nine years old at a printer's banquet.
When he was twelve he was apprenticed at a newspaper.
He gave his first after-dinner speech he stowed away on a steamboat.
He finally fulfilled his childhood dream of Missouri beside the Mississippi River.
He began to write for a newspaper using Halley's comet was just passing by.
Twain had an opportunity to write a series of stories from Hawaii.
In writing The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Halley's comet was visible in the sky.
When his wife Livy became ill they moved to Italy to impove her health.
When Samuel Clemens died he wrote about himself as the main character.

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