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Greg Mortenson


Greg Mortenson grew up in Africa collected "Pennies for Peace" to build a school.
In the army he served had established 130 schools in two countries.
Mortenson graduated from the University he would build a school. for them.
He had a climbing accident in the country of Tanganyika.
The people in the village of Korphe as a medic in Germany.
To repay their kindness he only the newsman Tom Brokaw responded.
He promised the people of the village at the very time his sister died of a seizure.
When he sent out letters to raise money by a rich man named Jean Hoerni.
The students in his mother's school  of South Dakota.
The first school was funded were kind to him and cared for him.
The trip up the mountain to take the supplies gave them his coats and his stove.
As of 2009 the Institute was dangerous and hard.

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