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John James Audubon


John Audubon was raised by was called the "Octavo Edition".
His father sent him to America to prevent him from being drafted into Napoleon's army.
In America he was the overseer of to draw and paint pictures of birds.
He used pastels and watercolors his step-mother in France.
His sons who were artists painted the backgrounds for his bird pictures.
His wife Lucy supported herself by his father's businesses and farm.
He was the first person in America being a teacher and governess.
He went to England to to start bird-banding studies.
Early in his career 200 of his bird drawings was labeled the "Double Elephant".
His portfolio of large bird prints  sell subscriptions to his engravings.
The smaller version of the prints  were destroyed by rats.
His wife sold his original paintings for only $4,000 after his death.

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