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Gutzon Borglum


Gutzon Borglum was born into a Mormon family and raised by his step-mother.
Borglum's favorite medium for   would be a better choice for the mountain.
He did not finish his first large sculpture envisioned regional heroes for Mount Rushmore.
The leaders in South Dakota first expressing himself was sculpture.
Borglum told the leaders national heroes his son finished the Mount Rushmore figures.
The presidents chosen were Washington, Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Lincoln.
The model he made in preparation  fourteen years and cost less than $1 million.
The finished sculptures on Mount Rushmore did not include the bodies and arms.
Calvin Collidge was the president at Stone Mountain in Georgia.
When the face of Jefferson was unveiled was on a 1-to-12 inch scale.
After Borglum's death President Franklin D. Roosevelt was in attendance.
The carving on Mount Rushmore took when Borglum started the sculpture.

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