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Ansel Adams


When he was a boy, Ansel Adams his father bought him a $6,000 piano.
Ansel was homeschooled by as a photographer than as a concert pianist.
His father later hired tutors his father and his Aunt Mary until he was nine.
When he became interested in music black and white photography.
His father bought him a  by holding workshops to teach people.
The Exposition was  in art and photography.
At the Exposition he became interested to teach him algebra and Greek.
He took pictures at Yosemite one-year pass to an Exposition in San Francisco.
He decided he could make a better living suffered a broken nose in an earthquake.
Ansel Adams specialized in  his schooling for one year.
Adams shared his knowledge of photography the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
President Carter awarded him with a Kodak Brownie box camera.

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