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Key Terms Chapter 8 - 9


1E/M _____Alphanumerical digits that are attached to CPT codes to provide more information regarding services provided and which may affect reimbursement.
2Documentation  _____Evaluation and management codes are for provider services, which are based on examination of patients in a variety of settings...
3Modifiers  _____This is critical in the application of proper E/M codes because the process of selecting the proper code is heavily dependent upon it.
4DME _____Current Procedure Terminology (CPT).
5Global _____Health Care Procedure Coding System.
6HCPCS _____All services and materials inherent in a procedure are not coded because their costs are assumed to be contained within the code for the procedure.
7HCPCS Level II _____Durable medical equipment that is provided to patient, such as wheelchairs.

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