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Key Terms Chapter 10


1Abstracting _____The undesirable selection of too few codes, which can possibly result in lower reimbursement.
2Downcoding _____The undesirable selection of too many codes, which can pssibly result in higher reimbursement and possible fraud charges.
3Overcoding _____The desirable practice of coding to the greatest level as justified by the documentation.
4Specificity _____The undesirable selection of codes that are higher in value and criteria than the documentation justifies, which may result in higher reimburesment, as well as possible fraud charges.
5Upcoding _____The undesirable selevtion of codes that are lower in value and in crieteria than services provide.
6Undercoding _____The process of analyzing documentation to select proper ICD-9 and CPT codes for reimbursement.

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