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Franklin Delano Roosevelt


Franklin D. Roosevelt's cousin had also  heard on the radio by the American people.
Roosevelt while growing up  started a program called Social Security.
His cousin Eleanor was plain-looking, his marriage to Eleanor and constantly interfered.
Franklin's mother opposed with Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister.
At age twenty-nine Roosevelt caused him to become partially paralyzed.
He became ill with polio which been President of the United States.
After becoming crippled he became was educated by private tutors.
To create jobs during the economic crisis but had a brilliant mind.
Some of the jobs he created were became a U.S Senator from New York.
To help people in their old age he  governor and then President of the United States.
Roosevelt's "fireside chats" were Roosevelt implemented "The New Deal".
During World War 2 he met building roads, bridges, and schoolhouses.

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