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Properties of real numbers 2.1-2.5

Match the word to the correct definition.

1. origin __. way to group 3 multiplied numbers doesn't matter
2. absolute value __. real number is the distance from origin to the pt.
3. commutative property of addition __. zero on the number line
4. associative property of addition __. adding the opposite to the number gives a zero
5. identity property of addition __. a number times -1 is the opposite number.
6. property of zero (inverse) __. any number times 0 is just 0.
7. commutative property of multiplication __. any number times 1 is the number.
8. associative property of multiplication __. the ordering of 2 numbers doesn't change the answer
9. identity property of multiplication __. subtract number then add it's opposite such as 3-5 = 3 + -5.
10. property of zero of multiplication __. grouping 3 numbers doesn't change the answer.
11. property of opposites of multiplication __. the order of two multiplied number doesn't matter
12. subtraction rule __. adding a number and 0 the sum is the number

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