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Say "Hello" in Different Languages!


Say "Hello" in different languages! You do not have to be fluent in a language to be able to communicate a few phrases. With the business world becoming more global, and traveling becoming easier and easier, there are more opportunities to see other countries and hear foreign languages. It is good to learn a few new ways to communicate with others when traveling.

Match the word "Hello" to its foreign language.

French  Jambo
Irish Yia sou (Ya-soo)
Russian Dia Duit
German Zdravstvuite (pronounced Zdra-stvooy-tyeh)
Greek Guten Tag
Japanese Ni hao
Spanish Bon Giorno
Chinese Ohayou gozaimasu (pronounced O-ha-yoh go-za-ee-mas)
Italian Hola
Swahili Bonjour

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