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caroline c

Allusion  a feeling that makes the character tense
Tone a statement that seems to contradict its self
Motif perspective
Theme where words or phases are used multiple times
Imagery a struggle betwen a character and a outside force
Mood A type of character,action,situation,or pattern that occurs over and over again in the text
Anecdote exaggeration
Irony ridicules somthing
Details detail on character
Archetype no change
Epiphany to opposites
Symbol giving special signifigance of a certain aspect
Repetition solving the problem
Emphasis time/place
Satire the feeling witha word
simile figurtive maening
metaphor giving human qualitys to a inaninate object
personification sequence
pun Words or phrases used to descibe people,places,etc...using the five senses
idiom The authors attitude toward a person,place,thing,or event
parodox good guy
oxymoron most critical moment
hyperbole comparison using like or as
cliche explains characters thoughts
exposition A person, place etc...thats stands for something
inciting incident A central message or insight into life revealed through the literary work
rising action bulid up
climax interuption of peace
falling action bad guy
resolution A contrast between appearence and reality;like sarcasm
setting comparison NOT using like or as
point of veiw undergoes a change
plot friction between characters
forshadowing A sudden realization or understanding of something
complication leads to the end
suspence clues
charterization attempt to decide conflict
protagonist A recurrent element in a literary work
antagonist a so common statment that is no longer intresting
dynamic character similar in sound but have COMPLETLY different definitions
static character conflict in the mind
motivation The readers feelings toward the literary work
conflict Referance to a statement,persn,place,or event from lititure,mythology,history,the Bible,or the arts
external conflict foundation of the story
internal conflict A brief accont of a intresting event intended to entertain or make a point
dennotation dictionary definition
connotaion Facts revealed by the author that support the text

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