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The Neuron

Introduction to Psychology

What are the parts of a neuron? How is a neural impulse generated and transmitted from one to another?

1neuron _____chemical messengers that transport nerve impulses
2soma _____transmit information from CNS to muscles and glands
3axon _____principle by which neurons either have sufficient excitation to fire or they don't fire if insufficient excitation
4terminal button _____fluid-filled gap between neurons
5neurotransmitters _____transmit information to spinal chord and brain
6synapse _____swelling at tip of axon, dispatches neurotransmitters
7dendrites _____treelike structures that receive neural impulses
8sensory neurons _____links one neuron to another; involved in processing in the brain
9motor neurons _____insulating layer on axons that speed transmissiion of impulses
10interneurons _____nerve cell
11myelin sheath _____carries messages away from cell body
12nodes of Ranvier _____abrupt change in charge, resulting in firing of the neuron
13action potential _____cell body of a neuron
14all-or-none _____gaps in myelin where impulse "jumps" to speed impulse down axon

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