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Descriptions of maps

Edward T. Urbansky, Ph.D.

Terms that describe maps showing ...

1topographic _____features used for traveling by land, sea, or air
2physical relief _____locations of and boundaries between countries, states, towns, or other units of government
3road _____changes that occur with time or after important events
4navigation _____locations of pipes, cables, wires, or any structure placed by people for a public or business purpose
5seafloor _____kinds or amounts of people or animals living there
6vegetation _____hills and valleys on land (elevation and depression)
7production _____kinds or amounts of plants and trees
8occurrence _____kinds or amounts of rainfall, sleet, snowfall, or other natural water coming from weather
9population _____streets and highways to aid in driving a car or truck
10political _____boundaries used for business or government purposes (area codes, zip codes, school attendance)
11precipitation _____kinds or amounts of things grown, raised, or made there
12historical _____hills and valleys that can be felt not just seen
13zoning _____features used for traveling through the ocean in a submarine
14utility _____kinds or amounts of things existing or happening there (also called distribution or frequency)

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