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Surgical Terms/ Urinary System

Melissa/ Christina/ Marissa

fulguration surgical crushing of a stone
renal transplant excision of the ureter
ESWL incision of the meatus
cystectomy surgical repair of the renal pelvis
cystolithotomy excision of a kidney
cystorrhaphy destruction of living tissue with an electric spark
cystostomy excision of the bladder
cystotomy incision of the bladder
vesicotomy creation of an artificial opening into the ureter
lithotripsy incision of the renal pelvis to remove a stone
meatotomy surgical fixation of the kidney
nephrectomy surgical repair of the urethra
nephrolysis suspension pertaining to the bladder and urethra
nephropexy incision of the bladder to remove a stone
nephropyelolithotomy suturing the bladder
nephrostomy creation of an artificial opening into the kidney
pyelolithotomy noninvasive treatment for removal of kidney or ureteral stone(s)
pyeloplasty surgical implantation of a donor kidney to replace a nonfunctioning kidney
ureterectomy incision through the kidney to the renal pelvis to remove a stone
ureterostomy creating an artificial opening into the bladder
urethroplasty incision of the bladder
vesicourethral suspension seperating thr kidney (from other body structures)

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